Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Summer Weddings are Just Around the Corner

The scenario: That dear friend’s daughter’s wedding has just crept up and you’ve completely forgotten about what to wear. Naturally, you have a beautiful card picked out and a gift neatly wrapped lying ready to be given, but no dress for yourself.

I’ve been in that situation before, and it is not fun. (The last time it happened to me I was in such a state of frustration over the lack of wedding-appropriate attire, I ended up wearing a rather fitted, fire-engine-red number. Completely inappropriate for a wedding – I stood out, but not quite in the way I had intended.) Better luck this summer, I suppose. But we here at Bellissima will not let that happen to you!

I present to you a beautiful dress option that can take you from weddings to dinners out to work functions (perhaps with a little cardigan over top).

This dress is perfect for a few reasons:
1- The flattering neckline, shaped by those well-placed straps that are wide enough to conceal bra straps. (That’s actually two reasons.)
2- The length. No matter what age, I think a knee-length dress is very feminine and appropriate, not to mention flattering.
3- Notice the rouching around the hips, incredibly flattering, particularly for the tummy, hip and bottom areas.

And how fabulous is the colour? Who doesn’t look good in cobalt blue? Oooh, and the accessorizing options… The joys of being a woman!

Happy wedding season!

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