Friday, 27 May 2011

The Reviews Are In

Bellissima, the gracious leading sponsor of Alberta Fashion Week have re-branded themselves to bring something different to shoppers and the results have created quite the stir. The crowd loved the new edginess and rawness added to the Bellissima mix.
Black was the colour of choice for outfits but the cuts, colour and patterns made each piece it’s own. The red hot, front side zip leather jacket paired with black jeans was the winning piece. By simply adding a staple leather jacket in a bright colour can really add some spice to one’s style palette.
The breezy one-piece jumper has made its come back and fashionable is the only word to truly describe it.
As for dresses, Bellissima took the tender loving approach, comfortable and sexy. A black and sleeveless dress with a silver zipper in the front and pockets on the side; was worn over black leggings which made for a great combination. For ladies wanting to show off their gorgeous legs for the summer time, there were several stunning pieces to choose from: the flashy one-shouldered flowy red dress, the classic black and white horizontal striped dress broken apart with a solid black strip on the front and how can we forget the funky sand-coloured dress with black and white stripes on both sides, with a touch of orange for pop.
Words by Daniela Codreanu
Main photo: Courtesy of Lions Lace Lattes
Thumbnail photos: Jason Waight


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