Tuesday, 10 May 2011

May Showers Bring (Fashion) Flowers

It's May and Spring is now here. I hope these showers aren't keeping you indoors and instead you're out seeing and trying on the latest fashion trends. Like every Spring, florals are back and making a HUGE statement. This year you must be noticing the new styles along with these florals. One of the hottest dresses on the runway this season was Stella McCartney's dress in botanical florals.
Whether it's a short sheath with hydrangeas or a long maxi dress splashed from chest to ankle with poppies, or something drape-y, you are guaranteed to find something that suits your body shape. A pastel border or a print on a white background. Wear it full waisted, tight in the waist with a floral print bottom, or as a long chiffon dress in a tropical print. You will surprise yourself with how updated you look and feel in this traditional style. You will be even more surprised when you see the price tag. As always Bellissima has found you a steal of a deal.  
My love of flowers stems from seeing so many wonderful English gardens. This love has brought me once again to Macy's on 34th street. Every year, they showcase the Macy's Flower Show in NEW YORK CITY with brilliant arrangements from some of America's distinguished floral designers who are featured daily. From March 27-April 10, the aisles of Macy's were themed as different types of gardens. Japanese, tropical, and desert styled gardens blossomed throughout the store, and filled the walls with their aroma. Being around so many wonderful bouquets of flowers and their marvelous scents, I was inspired to write this blog for you. Whether or not you're surrounded by a garden of flowers, hopefully the spring weather is enough to inspire you to try this wonderful look.
Perhaps you are one of those women who  could never imagine herself in anything floral. Well, time to sprout out of that bad habit and try something different. This is the YEAR to add floral to your wardrobe, and Bellissima is the store to discover your new found love for it. It's time to create your own bouquet! 

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