Friday, 20 May 2011

The New Must-Have Look: The Editrix

It all started with Anna Wintour and those dark, shady glasses. That fierce, tight-lipped expression and her ice cold demeanor. With Anna, an obsession with the women behind the pages of our favorite glossies was born. As of the past few years, thanks to social media and the rise of fashion blogs, we are now privy to the daily musings of the world’s most elite fashion editors, like one of my personal favorites, Elle Magazine’s Kate Lanphear. 
Sitting front row from left to right: Elle Magazine Style Director Kate Lanphear, Elle Magazine Market Director Joann Pailey and Creative Director of Elle Magazine Joe Zee. Image Source:

Kate exudes a coolness that seems untouchable, likely to do with all that leather and those tough spiked bracelets. This look really isn’t as hard to pull of as it looks, all you need are a good pair of leather pants and a leather jacket, a few spike-adorned bracelets, a dark pair of Ray Bans and of course high heels, and you’re set. I mean fierce! 

Check out this look from Bellissima:

These pieces hit all the right notes; they’re fitted and figure flattering, a little tough looking and oh-so versatile when worked in with other pieces. The jacket would be fantastic over a simple white tank and boot cut jeans, or pair the pants with a loose silk blouse for a more casual day or evening style. Just be sure to finish off your look with a little attitude – confidence is key. So is a good strut. 

Wishing you much fierce-ness,

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