Friday, 30 September 2011

Reading Room: Bringing Home The Birkin

I was at an Hermes event not too long ago and the luxury of it all reminded me and inspired to revisit one of my favourite books. Michael Tonello devised a system to acquire and re-sell one of the most coveted and most expensive bags in the world. He ran a lucrative business selling the bag (and other Hermes goods)  on ebay while everyone else has been waitlisted. The company creates demand for the bag by making it accessible to only a few, 'deserved' clients, decreasing it's mass reach, but ironically also amplifying it's appeal (think limited edition that never ends).The story he goes on to tell, takes you around the world in search of the infamous Birkin bag named after the bautiful Jane Birkin. The best part of the book is that it is entirely non-fictional. Every aspiring fashionista should have this book in her posession.

Blogger of the month: Introducing Ashley of Lions Lace and Lattes

Some exciting news for Bellissima this week. As we are coming into fall we decided to put a little spin on things, give you more perspective and let our blog be the platform for other bloggers around the country to share their Bellissima fashion inspirations. The first blogger we chose to feature on the site is Ashley Pettigrew, her blog, Lions Lace and Lattes has gotten much recognition in Calgary as well as on the International scale. She has just come back from the Independent Fashion Bloggers conference in New York City during Fashion Week (if you remember Bellissima was at that conference last year). Ashley's style is classic but trendy with a little hippie chic twist. We love the way she balances her professional life with her online persona. Look forward to seeing more of Ashley in October & November on the Bellissima Fashions blog along with some exciting online giveaways. Stay tuned.


For more amazing fall looks visit out website and go to FASHION

Photo: Jason Eng
Model: Jade Davies (Sophia Models)
Hair and Makeup: Teslin Ward
Creative Direction: Shea Kerwood


In the current age of technology, very few artists have the opportunity to create a lasting legacy. Too few and far between are bands and artists like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and Elvis. Perhaps it’s a matter of the industry being too geared towards what is ‘new’ and ‘in’, or perhaps it can be lent to the fact that bands nowadays put out an album every 2-4 years, when the Beatles released all 12 of their albums within the span of 7. Whatever the reason, it’s no easy task naming a band that has really had a measurable effect on the past decade in the same way other bands affected the 60’s and 70’s. If there was, however, one band which has had consistent, lasting success for the past decade, with every indication that their music could conceivably live on beyond their own existence as a group, it would have to be Coldplay. Now, I dare not compare them to a band like the Beatles, (for comparing anyone to a band such as that is a surefire way to bring the ire of many music fans) but they are very likely the closest thing our generation may ever see in terms of lasting success. For years they have been making an exceedingly grandiose blend of brit rock and pop music, and while they have diligently tweaked the theme between every album, they have developed a distinct sound which carries on and lets you know every time they appear on the radio that ‘hey, this is Coldplay.’ Each of their four albums has gone number one and multi-platinum, and with their latest release coming October 24th, you can surely expect it to do just the same. 

Calgary International Film Festival

The Calgary International Film Festival is well under way. I have spent the last couple of days catching up on all the movies I wanted to see. So far I have crossed off Sleeping Beauty and The Skin I Live In off my list. Both disturbing and beautiful in their own way. There is a myriad of titles and genres to chose from.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Emmy Winner for best Drama: Mad Men

Congrats to Mad Men for another Emmy win in the Drama category. If you haven’t seen it, now is the perfect time to catch up while we wait for season 5. It’s expertly written, wonderfully acted, and perhaps the best looking show on television. It perfectly captures the elegance and style of the early sixties and is a must-see for anyone seeking some fashion inspiration.

Oscar de la Renta S/S 2012

Big skirts and bold colours can only mean one thing, spring/summer 2012 collections went down the runways, fashion week season is upon us, but Oscar de la Renta never disappoints with his timeless and classic designs, here are some of our favourite pieces from his show. We are excited to show you all the ways Bellissima has to get you closer to your favourite runway looks. 

Introducing Bellissima Balance

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