Friday, 30 September 2011


In the current age of technology, very few artists have the opportunity to create a lasting legacy. Too few and far between are bands and artists like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and Elvis. Perhaps it’s a matter of the industry being too geared towards what is ‘new’ and ‘in’, or perhaps it can be lent to the fact that bands nowadays put out an album every 2-4 years, when the Beatles released all 12 of their albums within the span of 7. Whatever the reason, it’s no easy task naming a band that has really had a measurable effect on the past decade in the same way other bands affected the 60’s and 70’s. If there was, however, one band which has had consistent, lasting success for the past decade, with every indication that their music could conceivably live on beyond their own existence as a group, it would have to be Coldplay. Now, I dare not compare them to a band like the Beatles, (for comparing anyone to a band such as that is a surefire way to bring the ire of many music fans) but they are very likely the closest thing our generation may ever see in terms of lasting success. For years they have been making an exceedingly grandiose blend of brit rock and pop music, and while they have diligently tweaked the theme between every album, they have developed a distinct sound which carries on and lets you know every time they appear on the radio that ‘hey, this is Coldplay.’ Each of their four albums has gone number one and multi-platinum, and with their latest release coming October 24th, you can surely expect it to do just the same. 

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