Friday, 28 February 2014

Introducing Selected Femme

At select stores throughout Canada,  Bellissima is proud to offer a new and exciting designer label; Selected Femme.

Launched in 2008, SELECTED FEMME represents a strong, metropolitan woman. Exclusive qualities as well as textured and eye catching details enhance the unique and luxurious feel.  It blends the classic and high fashion trends with emphasis on glamorous items. The silhouette has a feminine essence, both simple and bold with sharp and surprising details. A sharp tailored look, a rich mix of fashioned knit wear, and refined luxury daywear complete the look of SELECTED FEMME.

Monika from our Downtown Calgary location has kindly modeled the newest fashionable additions to the Bellissima family.  It's with unique and luxurious details that Selected Femme stands out.  Notice the zipper detailing along the side of the top and the fresh pattern of the pant.




The line is full of thin layers that coordinate with each other making each outfit unique.  We have paired a printed blouse underneath a ribbed sweater along with a full box pleated skirt to create a comfortable yet elegant look.



No spring wardrobe would be complete without a maxi dress.  Paired with a light cardigan and chunky hip belt we've turned a casual look into something chic!  Selected Femme also has a jewelry line, notice the handcrafted necklace. (Also available in gold)



Another trend for Spring will be the elastic cuff pant.  With some gold zipper detailing these pants will transform any basic outfit into something special.



This year spring is all about taking chances, let Selected Femme and Bellissima help you add something fresh to your wardrobe.

Friday, 14 February 2014

The Uniform Challenge

Do you ever feel like with the winter weather and snow comes lack luster feelings towards your winter clothes?  Heavy, often scratchy, never wash well and always seem to be black!  I can't help but remember the times of colorful sun dresses and printed cropped pants.  After a colleague planted the seed one afternoon over coffee, I became inspired.

1 Dress, 5 days, 5 different and fabulous looks

Rules...can't purchase anything new to coordinate, only use the current pieces in your winter wardrobe. cop-outs...each outfit has to be interesting and beautiful ...document each day and each outfit together with a photo - thank you ahead of time to all my co-workers for the help!

 The dress...

After reading a bunch of other fashion blogs for inspiration I decided that using my token "little black dress" was not enough of a challenge.  So I upped the ante.  I had a fabulous Frank Lyman sample dress hanging in my closet still having yet to meet the light of day, did I mention that it was made entirely of gold lame? I realize that gold lame is not normally worn during the day, this is exactly why I chose it - talk about a challenge.  Now before you start...this particular dress is hand wash only, which makes it perfect to freshen in the sink each night.


OK waking up on a Monday morning to open my eyes and see my fabulous new uniform hanging on the back of my door is a treat.  I open my closet door with a new found sense of adventure.  What can I pair with my dress today - the options are endless...


Day 1 - Piece of Cake

I've chosen a sample poncho by Frank Lyman.  Outside it is a balmy -13 degrees Celsius, so the coverage is definitely necessary.  I've got a pair of check opaque tights and my trusted riding boots to top it all off.  Now I know that some of you may be thinking this is a little casual for work.  This would be a different challenge all together if I worked in a formal office building, however one of the many joys of working in the fashion industry is that we are encouraged to have fun with our clothing and relish in self expression.


Day 2 - No Prob!

I was honestly excited to dig up something fun out of the black hole that has become my closet.  One of the trends this season is the collared blouse so I decided to pair my dress with an old stampede favorite along with soft knit vest.  Add a little bling and voila!


Day 3 - Relying on "Old Familiar"

Ok ok we all have that "go to" piece, you know the one that saves the day when you "hate" everything in your closet....welcome to mine.  A cropped plaid blazer, which happens to match perfectly with my patent leather pumps!


Day 4 - Ever so slightly tired of wearing a dress ...

So to change things up today I decided to wear my dress like a tunic and added a pair of black Vivian Wong leggings.  To make sure that the proportion wasn't thrown off I wore it with some cute high-heeled ankle booties.  I finished it off with one of my favorite pieces, a Joseph Ribkoff cardigan.



Day 5 - Last Day...THANK GOODNESS!

While I still hold very fond feelings towards my lame dress...I am so eager to slip into a pair of jeans!  For the final day of the challenge I decided to go a little more classic.  With my favorite Joseph Ribkoff blazer.  I love the built up shoulder.


I hope this blog helps you find inspiration in your current wardrobe and if not, visit your local Bellissima store and we can definitely help you out! 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Spring / Summer Sneak Peek

I am sure you will agree that Fall fashion is always fabulous and exciting. 

However, the day-dreams of color and fun in the sun have become a regular occurrence come January's end. 

This year the Pantone fashion color report for Spring 2014 calls for dazzling cobalt and vibrant yellow alongside lavender, sand and sage making for an eclectic and varied color palette suitable for everyone.

Bellissima recently had their Spring / Summer 2014 campaign  photo shoot.  Myself, together with supervisor/stylist June Hamilton, created a modern "Mad Men" themed story of pastels paired with vivid brights, graphic  prints and revived florals. 

Enjoy some behind the scenes photos and please stay tuned to for the final spread!

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