Friday, 30 September 2011

Reading Room: Bringing Home The Birkin

I was at an Hermes event not too long ago and the luxury of it all reminded me and inspired to revisit one of my favourite books. Michael Tonello devised a system to acquire and re-sell one of the most coveted and most expensive bags in the world. He ran a lucrative business selling the bag (and other Hermes goods)  on ebay while everyone else has been waitlisted. The company creates demand for the bag by making it accessible to only a few, 'deserved' clients, decreasing it's mass reach, but ironically also amplifying it's appeal (think limited edition that never ends).The story he goes on to tell, takes you around the world in search of the infamous Birkin bag named after the bautiful Jane Birkin. The best part of the book is that it is entirely non-fictional. Every aspiring fashionista should have this book in her posession.

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