Friday, 10 June 2011

A Sunday's Nostalgia

The New York City Easter Parade has been an annual tradition since Civil War days and features marchers in elaborate Easter finery, including some of the fanciest Easter bonnets imaginable.
Hundreds of New Yorkers on Easter Sunday, April 24, 2011 stepped out dressed in their finery planned months ahead for a grand Easter parade down Fifth Avenue starting at St. Patricks Cathedral.

What I was expecting was a procession of extremely fancy men and women stepping out of St. Patricks Cathedral. The women were clad in exquisite designs with a dashing man accompanying her in his formal attire. In this era, even with so many streets closed, my intent was to watch and capture this New York tradition and of course take a close glimpse of Bonnets, Fascinators and the imaginative ensembles of families who have kept this tradition for decades. Looking at all the hats, I realized this group I was taking a picture of was in fact a New York Milliner with her entourage surrounding her wearing Fab Hats and Fascinators. What made me smile was two of the girls gave me their business card. I laughed thinking New Yorkers always creative in peddling their wares.
The weather was vibrant and with my imagination full of stories, I headed towards the Church. I doubted I would not see any highly polished carriages, and thought perhaps would catch family pets dressed in small bonnets, or even tamed snakes with a colorful bow. What I saw were remnants of the past. Gone were the themes of current events. There was no hat tilted to the side which was a sinking Titanic, no Silver Cross Prams and babies in lace, organza and velvet with nanny’s in their frilly bonnet and the proud parents dressed to the nines walking behind. Maybe it’s a gone era, maybe the Easter Parade is a free spirited display and example of the world we live in today. Yes, the early 20th century is long gone but here I am in this magical city New York which is now  my home.  Suddenly I am dancing to the ragtime music, wishing I  were in a silk skirt so that I could jitterbug, and taking note minute by minute, as I watch the ladies stroll by dressed up in thrift shop findings.
Obviously, it was time to go and sit in Central Park to meet up with my hubby think about next year dressing myself and a few special friends in wonderful styled regalia fit for a Queen. As I ran down 5th Avenue, I thought of finding a Turner classic movie to watch called The Easter Parade with Judy Garland and Fred Astaire now it all made sense. I remembered the verse, “In your Easter Bonnet with all the frills upon it you’ll be the finest lady in the Easter Parade.
'My mum brought me in a stroller and now I bring her'... xoxo 
Hopefully next year I will be in the parade walking with friends all styled by me!


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