Monday, 20 June 2011

Awaiting that Special Box from Bellissima .....

'Woke up this morning feeling fine',  blue sky and 80 degrees, WONDERFUL, vitamin D will kick in really quickly.  We have survived the harshest winter in years and did spring really happen? Now it is June and I am eager to receive my Bellissima box encompassing what I have been gazing at for weeks on end through New York’s finest window displays.  All baring a theme of WHITE. Intricate lace, crochet short dresses, white linen shorts paired with sexy shear tops, the wide leg trouser, slim leg pant there are options for everyone. Dolche and Gabanna white lace separates with splashes of YELLOW as a lining has stayed in my mind for my own color statement as I love all the bright colors to wear as an accessory. 
In my Bellissima Box there are several items I splurged on that I could easily wear today, the marvellous. White Jacket with the crochet back, I know I will have this investment piece for years, Glad, I decided to buy the matching pant with just a touch of the crochet on the side pockets, I had wondered with our other purchases in white should I own  the pant but for my lifestyle I would regret not having this ensemble.

Perfect, for a business meetings, I know I will make so much use of the pant just with some of the jersey tops purchased from Bellissima this Spring.  This knockout  jacket I am talking about was bought during our Paris trip at the same time marvelous white open neck crochet long tunic which is in my awaited box, this will be my cooler day piece to wear or I will save it for an evening barbecue in the country. Last but not least, are the two white dresses that I purchased from Bellissima’s summer collection The Maxi long cotton and lace with tiers is  such a flirty yet perfectly practical item dress for me to have decided on. The accompanying dress is so simple and practical but it almost did not make the box because I thought I had overspent my budget. The fuller  skirt and bra friendly bodice  was so appealing  with the retail prices so terrific how could I give up such a deal?
These white pieces have now become a canvas for my summer wardrobe statement, my floppy hats await me the shoe options excite me whether it’s high wedges in black ,tan or nude , strappy stilettos in bold color or ballet flats in metallic I have my look covered. 
If you want to know what kind of accessories I will be wearing with these white looks, I suggest that YOU be sure to check into my next blog. In the meantime, with the prices that are being offered for spring and summer clothing, I suggest you get into Bellissima fast!

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