Monday, 18 April 2011

Olivia on Olivia and the Tweed Jacket

Hello fashion lovers! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Olivia Lovenmark and I am a fashion (obsessed) blogger writing to you from the gorgeous city of Vancouver. I will be a contributing writer for the Bellisima blog and I hope to bring you a fresh and witty take on style, making it approachable and fun. (Where else have I heard a line like that? Oh yeah, that’s what all fashion writers say. But it really is my mandate to provide a take on fashion that is easy and delivers a smile!)

I know, I know, less talk, more fashion. 

An aspect of dressing that majorly appeals to me: the ability to balance a sartorially fresh look with class and modesty. I think for women this is much harder done than said. One woman who gets it right every time is Olivia Palermo, the much talked-about New York City socialite who could make a paper bag look chic. Featured below is her take on the tweed jacket - a fashion staple that continues to stand the test of time and trends. 
photo source: the vogue diaries
I’ve been coveting such a jacket for some time now with no luck finding just the right one, until I discovered this fabulous version from Bellisima:
Dress it up with an LBD (little black dress), or down with jeans like the model has here. Personally, I think I’d throw it over a loose, silk blouse and a pair of wide-leg jeans. Add a pair of killer platform heels and a long chain necklace and you have it, the recipe for 'fabulosity'. 

For more of Olivia, check out her blog, or follow her on twitter @StyleStruck

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  1. Great post Olivia! Congrats on becoming a contributing writer. I like the tweed jacket paired with jeans.


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