Tuesday, 5 April 2011

It's Been a LONG Time Coming...

In case you haven’t noticed with all of this cold, windy weather, the mix of spring dresses is full of change. This 'newness' that they have brought along with them is 'springing' out at us. First indication that the spring season is taking off is that the MAXI dresses are back.

For you ladies who have worn them before, as you try on some of these fabulous dresses at Bellissima, a smile is sure to cross your face. A revival of the 70‘s is back as I’m sure you know since you have been reading magazines and noticing trends. You might even wonder whether or not you should have saved your dress from the 70’s. Fashion always comes full circle, our MAXI dresses are so affordable and fashion forward that you will need one the instant you see it.  At Bellissima you will see techno prints, wonderful bright colors with a splurge of flowers. And as the season warms up, keep your eyes open for that perfect picnic day MAXI dress with a flow of garden florals. 

 photo source: styleguru

Here are some worthwhile tips as how to wear the MAXI dress. I am enjoying the different lengths: there’s long and there’s longer. The MAXI dress is perfect for day. When worn with a flat, be sure the dress touches the top of your shoes. For evening your hem could gracefully graze the floor. I am certainly not the tallest person in the world, but I never felt as if I shouldn’t wear this MAXI look just because I’m not 5’10. Don’t allow fashion to intimidate you. It should be fun, exciting and new. And most importantly, comfortable. The MAXI look is timeless as well as age and body appropriate. 

When it comes to your feet... Here are a few foot wearing tips that will certainly add to the glamour of making that MAXI dress work for you. As you’re browsing the stores around the mall, shopping in the supermarket, or walking through the park to relax on the swings, I would recommend:

1) Ballet slipper
2) Toeless thong
3) Espadrilles
4) Wedge
5) Sandal with a cork heel

Personally, I wear this look with a heel or a wedge.

Make sure before you leave the dressing room or your home, look at yourself from the front and then from the side. Do you feel taller already?!

As for accessories, you know I’m a lover of hats, especially floppy, vibrant or neutral ones, depending on the mood. If you opt out to not wear a hat, play around with a head scarf instead. Or if you are more comfortable letting those locks flow, have an assortment of colored bangles ready to match your dress for that day.  Shoulder bags with fringe, and straw to canvas totes add to this terrific trend. And never ever forget those dangling earrings, you know those perfect ones that sparkle in that warm spring sun. You might finish off your outfit with a cocktail ring as you may end the day celebrating that spring is finally here. 

Bye for now. Will return with more updates on hot trending styles to make your summer a memorable one. In the meantime you can always visit the BELLISSIMA website for the latest fashion trends. 




  1. I must say, I am a big fan of the maxi dress :) great post

  2. I love maxi dresses, but prefer them with flats cuz as a mom I'm always running around. Can't wait til Army & Navy's legendary shoe sale on April 27 http://on.fb.me/armynavy


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