Friday, 29 April 2011

1 hour till the Royal Wedding!

Love them or hate them the Royal Wedding WILL be the wedding of a generation. It is to quite elaborate lengths that this event has gone, and it's not only people in England that get to participate, thanks to social media the whole world will be watching. If you haven't yet set your channels to the Royal Wedding you can still tune into YouTube where they will be broadcasting live from the procession and the ceremonies, if you are early you can even upload a video message for the happy couple. Carole will be amidst all the commotion. We wish she had a twitter account to update us all on the things to come (hint hint ;) ). For now you can also participate using the hashtag #rw2011 and #royalwedding

There are dozens of ways to stay up to speed with the events of the upcoming hours:

View the photos on the Royal Flickr account:
Follow them on Twitter:!/BritishMonarchy
Stay updated with their Blog:
and of course Watch them on the Royal channel:

AMAZING! What are your thoughts on the Royal Wedding? 

FACT: After their marriage, Prince William and Catherine Middleton will become The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

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