Friday, 31 August 2012

Confident Fashion

 Any woman can copy a look out of a magazine. It is braver and more creative to invent one's own sense of style. Every personal quality can be conveyed via clothing if one is artistic. The ability to tastefully and effortlessly combine disparate pieces of clothing is underrated, even among fans of fashion. But with a few tips and a few tricks, you’ll be able to challenge celebrities in the limelight with your look and take home the winning ribbon!

Women who want to convey their confidence through their clothing should start by wearing bright colours. People who wear eye-catching colors want others to notice them. Confidence cannot stand on its’ own. A confident woman has reasons for being proud of who she is, and those are the qualities that she should accentuate. If she is quirky, she can wear playful dresses and chunky jewelry. A serene woman might choose a deliberately minimalist outfit with one or two standout accessories. She could wear a summery maxi-dress and a bold coloured wedge and exude a red carpet summer style without the hassle or headache. Whatever your style, whatever your mood strut your style like you were front page of your favorite magazine! We have to work an outfit from the ground up—so be sure to have a variety of shoes for any occasion and you’ll be on your way to a complete chic fashion statement! Pair a maxi dress with a floral printed wedge and bold accent hair scarf this summer for a cool, calm and collected look in the summer heat! 

Professional women can add some funky colors to their business casual wardrobes if they do so in subtle ways. Everyday suits can be worn with brightly colored tops instead of white or pastel ones. A patterned scarf is a lone pop of variety in a deliberately plain ensemble. A woman who does not like wearing scarves can dress all in black except for a wild pair of heels. The strangeness of the shoes is doubled by the fact that the shoes were chosen as the style vehicle; many women default to wearing plain black or brown shoes at all times.

Fashion is all about attitude and confidence. Experimenting with style is a hallmark of inner strength because sometimes mistakes will be made. A truly confident woman will wear her mistakes just as beautifully as her successes. There is nothing to lose by broadening one's sense of style, since even missteps are creative victories. Let your inner fashionista rage this summer! 

Guest post on dressing for confidence by Anya stylist for
photos by Ashley of Lions Lace Lattes
styling of Bellissima items by Kate Clark

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