Monday, 12 March 2012

Bellissima Spotlight: Casar

Casar Jacobson is the new face behind the Bellissima Spring/Summer campaign. She is passionate about community and philanthropy, and currently holds the title for Miss Calgary. Check out our interview with Casar below to find out more about her modelling career, the charities she supports, and her favourite items from Bellissima! 
How long have you been modeling?
I first got into modeling approximately 3.5 years ago. My desire to model started with my involvement in pageantry - I have my friend Lisa to thank for the first opportunity. Furthermore, Patti Falconer, and many friends along the way have opened doors enabling me to pursue a modelling career

What is your favourite part about modeling?
 I enjoy many aspects of modeling; however, my favorite parts are the opportunity to be involved in philanthropic endeavors, and the excitement of the entertainment industry.

Besides modeling, what types of activities do you enjoy? What are your interests/hobbies outside of modelling?
My friends recently introduced me to kite boarding, which I can foresee being an all-time favorite.  I enjoy cliff jumping – new experiences that challenge my comfort zone - dancing, singing, pageantry, travelling, and most of all philanthropy

You do a lot of charity work in your community. Tell us a little about that. What charities do you support?
KIA, Epilepsy, Charity, Tourism Calgary, Brenda Stratford Association, Mustard Seed, Brown Bagging for Children, Run for a Cure, Law Enforcement Run, Special Olympics, SOS Children's Villages, United Way, Mustard Seed Society, WSPCA Animal Rescue, Vancouver Performing Arts, EPCOR Centre for Performing Arts, UNICEF, Alzheimer Society of Canada, Habitat for Humanity Canada, Save the Children Canada, Science Alberta Foundation, West Coast Legal Education & Action Fund.

Each event has helped me understand other cultures, lifestyles, and has made a major impact on my life in regards to how I treat others and wish to be treated.

I’ve likely missed a few, but my involvement with these great organizations is thanks too many individuals that have helped introduce me along the way.  

This month (March) I’ll be going to Nicaragua to lend a helping hand – not many people know that 1 in 2 Nicaraguans live in Poverty.  It’s tough so see children, especially, in dire need of the basic essentials. I’ll be writing a journal on my endeavor…soon to come

You are Miss Calgary, what types of responsibilities come with that title?
You're to be an ambassador for the city. This means a high level of professionalism, encouragement to others, and committing yourself to philanthropic endeavours.

 How would you describe your own personal style?
My style varies drastically depending on the function or event. I love to wear formal cocktail dresses and evening gowns accented by jewelry. If I’m just hanging out I would like to say cool casual, lighter materials – it’s easy to enjoy leisure time and still be fashionable.

Do you have a favorite Bellissima item

The thing about Bellissima is it's not just one particular style. It is suitable for many age groups and genres. I've dressed funky, classy and business all from the same store, so it's difficult to pick just one. I always add flare to the outfit with their complimentary jewelry collection.

What one item do you think everyone should have in their closet
Little black dress

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