Saturday, 3 March 2012

Bellissima Designer: Vivian Wong

Our Love affair with black and white continues with fashions from our in house designer....Vivian Wong
Vivian attended the prestigious design school Esmod in Paris, France. Upon graduating from Esmod, she went on to do design work for a small fashion house in Paris.
At one point in her career Vivian worked in Hong Kong where she led a design team that produced garments for a German department store.
You can see the European influence in these black and white designs. Always timeless, Always Chic, Always BELLISSIMA

Outfit Details
1. Jacket and Black Skirt
jacket style #502D8324 | $145
top style #502D6382 | $75
skirt style #124N3185 | $118

2. Tunic
style #475D6369 | $105

3. Jacket and Top
jacket style #476D8325 | $135
top style #476D6406 | $75

4. Polka Dot Dress
style #469N11138 | $158

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