Sunday, 3 July 2011

Starting with a white canvas...

Someone once asked me to define white. After quite some time, I decided to do some research on the subject. I found this, “The basic compound for reflection of color is white. In other terms, white strikes us as a deep and absolute silence" said by Wassily Kandinsky author of Concerning the Spiritual in Art.
You should think of a white outfit as your own personal canvas to enhance your image. Now that we’re in the first stages of summer, I would hope that you have gone through your jewelry boxes and drawers, where your summer favorites are hiding. Sort out the pieces that mean something to you and anything long place on a hook in your dressing room. Any colored bangles or cuffs, keep readily accessible. Those long earrings or clip-ons that have special meaning can now be kept near your lipstick or bronzers. Your belts hung next to your chains, and your summer hats should be steamed and stuffed with tissue to bring back the shape. Many of our purchases should be spontaneous and not necessarily just a trend of the moment. The scarf we once used to cover ourselves , can now be used as a fabulous accessory.
So I give you our white canvas and these are some of my suggestions:
Some of us prefer silver to gold and with gold popular this season, paler than seasons past, it’s great to mix long or short chains in either of the color. Wear alone for a cleaner look or with white long beads to add to make a different mood. All metal jewelry looks great depending on your preference.
Women I style, I always desire something BOLD. A great necklace or a fabulous cuff is a great investment piece especially if it has something white in it and you want a summery feel. Tribal influenced costume jewelry creates a fashionable look as wood and horn make a statement and your look becomes your own.
There is bright white and milky white and this is where I suggest nude accents. Mother of pearl is timeless, pearls any size any length. In having accessory fashion events there will always be a mannequin covered in pearls. I always smile to myself that a variety of women are attracted to this area, after all Audrey Hepburn will never go out of style. Diamonds shine even more when wearing white whilst chunky brights gives one a feeling of Latin Passion.
I would say that turquoise and coral seem to be the colors of choice that have grabbed attention for Summer 2011. Having one piece of these colors whether it’s a pair of earrings a chunky ring or a long necklace will turn your canvas into new painting and you will feel like a million dollars.
The talk of being minimal is for some that is a different conversation and certainly not for all. But MOST women who want to feel special so here you have many options to think about.
Congratulations are in order for Anne B accessories to have been chosen to have her collections in Bellissima. This will please a loyal customer who might be with a friend wanting to buy a great “make a statement” with that perfect WOW piece.
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