Monday, 4 November 2013

Beautiful Fall Outerwear

I’m going to share the best piece of fashion advice I’ve ever received: a jacket is the most important item in a Canadian woman’s wardrobe. It’s the only item you’ll need to wear every day when toughing the cold climate – and if you want any hope of looking fashionable on those bone-chilling days, a great coat is a must.

There is a ton of different styles to chose from, but one of my absolute favorites is the tie-waist.  Not only is it a chic style but is flattering to every body type.  Here a few of my favorites;


This tie-waist, hooded jacket is a fabulous cashmere blend.  Not only gorgeous but warm! 


Aside from the fabulous color palette this boiled wool jacket is stylish and tough.  I find boiled wool vastly underestimated, during the felting process tiny air pockets are created in between the fibers making it a fantastic insulator but incredibly light weight.  Boiled wool will also hold its shape better than most other fabrics and also gets softer with wear.


The unique silhouette of this Samuel Dong jacket is really what makes it so special.  The pleating and bubble hem really emphasize the natural waist.

Visit your local Bellissima store for all the hottest coats that are stylish, cozy, versatile―and reasonably priced.

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