Sunday, 19 May 2013

Riza Santos

I have been lucky to work with and spend some time getting to know Riza Santos, the 2013 Miss Universe Canada Contestant, and one of the faces of Bellissima Fashion. Not only is she a rare beauty but she is also incredibly intelligent and opened my eyes to what really goes on behind the scenes in terms of pageant life.

Riza is a unique combination of talents and attributes. To name a few, she spent two years enrolled in the Canadian Forces Army Reserve with 15 Field Ambulance and completed her Basic Military and Soldier Qualification; she studied Mechanical Engineering at the Schulich School of Engineering where she received numerous scholarships and while residing in the Philippines, Riza became a popular TV actress which led to a film career. Her leading lady role in the movie “Dobol Trobol” earned her a best actress award nomination from the Philippines Film Academy.

She has succeeded in ways far beyond those of the average mid-20's city girl. Having already accomplished so much, she made it clear to me that her family and friends are still a strong priority in her life as is her volunteer work. While living in the Philippines Riza was introduced the charity Bantay Bata 163 which focuses on the welfare and protection of children, specifically those victims of child abuse, offering extensive medical assistance to sick and indigent children throughout the Philippines region. While competing on the television show Big Brother Pinoy Celeb Edition 2 she won runner up where she was awarded one million pesos for Bantay Bata 163.
Riza has competed in several beauty pageants since her first at age 14. She proudly holds the titles Miss Earth, Miss World Canada and coming May 25th, fingers crossed, Miss Universe Canada. Bellissima Fashions is proud to sponsor Riza with a beautiful gown for the upcoming Miss Universe Canada Pageant. We wish her every success and luck. Sadly the pageant is not televised however you can keep up with all the details at
While we were wrapping things up and starting to goof off, I got the nerve to ask her if the final question at a beauty pageant really is the stereotypical "How will you solve world peace?" Being good natured Riza laughed. “Not at all” she says. After a few pensive moments she looks up and says "How would you describe the world to a blind person?" I'm still mulling that one over.



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