Monday, 8 April 2013

Behind the Seams with Vivian Wong

In an exclusive interview with the creative mind behind Bellissima's premier private label Vivian Wong talks about style, her fashion processes and beyond...

KC:  Vivian where are you from? What's your educational/ professional background?

VW:   I was born in Hong Kong. After I finished high school  I went to Paris to study fashion design and graduated in 1979. I then worked for a few International companies based in Europe where I learned the world's leading fashion .  When I returned to Hong Kong I was responsible for the whole fashion department, and experienced a wide range of challenges from production all the way to selling.

KC:  Describe the general process you go through to design and realize a collection. What do you believe makes a quality article of clothing? In your mind what are the necessities in the design/construction of your line?

VW:  When designing a collection, it is very important to know what the trends are; in style, fabrics and color, and to closely study the target market that I am aiming for. To make a quality article of clothing, it needs a good design with character, fabric and workmanship so that women wear it with confidence and comfort. I also take pride in manufacturing our garments in Canada.

KC:  What is your favorite part of the process? Least favorite?
VW:  My favorite part of the process is the design aspect however it is also the hardest.  When designing, I can fantasize about creating fashion that I like. My  least favorite part is the production, which is at the hands of others and it is not easy to find someone with the same passion towards fashion that I have.

KC:  What are some of your fashion goals for your line?

VW:  My fashion goals are to design clothing welcomed by the general public and recognized by the fashion world.

 KC:  How would you define the style your line exemplifies?

VW:  My fashion designs convey a message of style and comfort.

 KC:  Do you have any favourite fabrics you like to use?

 VW:  My favourite fabrics are silky chiffon and a jersey knit with colorful prints.

KC:  Who are your favourite designers?
VW:  My favourite designers are Frida Giannini (Gucci), Donna Karen, Eva & Roberto Cavalli, Yohji Yamamoto, Jil Sander…

 KC:  Where would you recommend someone who wanted to become a designer take their schooling?

 VW:  I would recommend studying in Paris or London simply because Europe is still the fashion leader.

 KC:  Since Bellissima is based in Western Canada do you base your designs on the "West Coast Women"?

VW:  Yes. It is very important to be welcomed by the local Canadian women before seeking recognition from the World.

I can see that the Vivian Wong private label is very well received and definitely growing in popularity with our Bellissima clients. By having a designer work exclusively with Bellissima, it puts this unique company on the map and shows their commitment to bringing the very best in fashion to the market place, not to mention how they stand out amongst the rest.

Thanks Vivian, stay chic!



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