Monday, 29 October 2012

Guest Post: Casar Jacobson

Hi, I'm Casar, and I'm excited to be guest blogging for Bellissima this month. I'm currently living in British Columbia, I am one of the faces behind the Bellissima campaigns, and recently won the title of Miss Canada Globe. For my guest post I thought I would share some of the opportunities that I have been fortunate to participate in lately.

 I recently joined an anti-bullying campaign with a school out of British Columbia. I was introduced to this school while visiting a 13 year old boy by the name of Zack. Zack has mild autism, but is a brilliant boy, and very smart. He currently loves the sciences and Harry Potter. He can memorize things word for word and can recollect dates and situations in a manner most of us cannot.

I recently teamed up with a crew that is helping me towards my acting, singing and public speaking goals. I'm also working with a vocal coach. As well, I received a contract with Canada's Sexiest Girl as a representative on the TV/reality series that will be launched out of Auckland, New Zealand.

In addition, I'm competing in Albania for Miss Globe. I departed on the 25th from Ontario.

See the photos below for more of what I've been working on.

Find out more about Casar Jacobson in our Bellissima Spotlight  or check out the About section on her  facebook page

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