Monday, 14 November 2011

Fall 2011 "MUST HAVE'S" Fashion Show

Women want to look at, read about, shop for and wear great clothes. Fashion shows are events that bring out a women's inner diva.
We just had our 4th semi annual fashion show....held in our Bellissima Lonsdale store last night. Many of the clients that attended expressed to me that they really liked that "real women" modeled the clothes. We used our own staff to show how great everyone can look....regardless of height, body type, age or whatever women feel their area of concern is.
REAL WOMEN ROCK...and someone needs to tell them that!!!
Iit's time to head down to a BELLISSIMA in your area to pick up something new and we will make sure you leave looking and feeling great!
Wishing everyone the best of health and happiness,
Della Docking

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