Thursday, 31 March 2011

Reading Room: April

I wanted to start a new section on the blog where I share with you the latest and most talked about books in fashion and pop culture. I already mentioned one book I have recently read, 'Hungry' by Crystal Renn a couple of months ago (to view the entry click here). I always stumble upon great reads during my research or just when I am flipping through a magazine (and even sometimes channel surfing), there, literally is inspiration everywhere. I picked up the copy of 'Unbearable Lightnesss' at a Christmas Dinner we went to in December. Intrigued by the fact it was written by Portia de Rossi (aka. Ellen de Generes' significant other) I read it in one sitting. I love books which require me to reach out and research the topic. I googled constantly white reading this book, they don't provide you with many photos, and they also often refer to clips from Ally McBeal. There are some great interviews with Portia also if you find yourself wanting to know more. A word of warning to those with weak stomachs, she goes into some horrid details in the book, describing her battle with anorexia. Overall it's a great read, definitely an eye opener to both the disease itself as well as the elusive world that is Hollywood.

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